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S t u d i o  P h i l o s o p h y  a n d  C u r r i c u l u m

I combine several musical teaching methods to create an individualized curriculum for each student. Therefore, no two students are taught the same. However, each student will have elements of the following included in their curriculum, based on their skill level, career/playing goals, and interests:

- Instrument care 

- Posture, hand positioning, proper stretching and body care

- Fundamentals of air support, embouchure, tone, articulation, and intonation

- Scales and arpeggios in all major and minor scales

- Etudes from Weissenborn, Milde, and others as progress is made

- Standard solo repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary Periods 

- Sight-reading practice

- Introduction to chamber music 

- Common orchestral audition excerpts

- Audition materials for All-State ensembles, youth orchestras, university auditions and competitions, and other competitions

- Reed-making classes and troubleshooting help 

S y l l a b i : 

Bassoon basics syllabus 

If you are interested in a lesson with me, please email me at to set up a FREE 30 minute intro lesson to get to know me and my style! I am doing both in-person and Zoom lessons. 

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