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F u j i k u r a    a n d    t h e   T e c h n i c a l   B a s s o o n 

Dai Fujikura is a Japanese composer who has written a plethora of contemporary classical pieces for solo instruments, chamber groups, and full orchestra. His unaccompanied bassoon pieces CallingFollowing, and Secret Leaves demand technical authority over the instrument and require the performer to use extended techniques, including multiphonics, quarter tones, and flutter-tonguing. Some bassoonists may be daunted by these techniques because they are not often taught within a core undergraduate technical canon. However, given the nature of contemporary music and the capabilities of the bassoon, it is in a bassoonist's best interest, at the very least, to learn the instrument's capabilities and have a basic knowledge of the literature available to help them interpret extended techniques without serious headache. This is where I would like to help those who are approaching Fujikura's pieces for the first time. I will put together a performer's guide to these unaccompanied pieces to offer ideas in interpretation, approaches to the multiphonics, and other relevant ideas on making the pieces less intimidating. 

This project is still in the infancy period. Check back soon - I'll keep this page updated as the research progresses! In the meantime, check out these recordings of the pieces on YouTube. 

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