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R e s o u r c e s

Reed Tools and Cane:

Your local hardware store! 

Starting Methods: 

The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon by Douglas Spaniol 

Rhythmical Articulation by Pasquale Bona

Develop Sight Reading by Gaston Dufresne

25 Studies in Scales and Chords, Op. 24 by Ludwig Milde

Drills by Ole Kristian T. Dahl and Katelyn G. Cameron 

Advanced Etudes and Studies: 

16 Studi Giornalieri di Perfezionamento per Fagotto by Giampieri

Bravoura Studies for Bassoon by Orefici 

50 Concert Studies, Op. 26 by Milde

Ninety Studies for the bassoon by M. Piard

Bassoon Studies for Advanced Students, Op. 8, No. 2 by Julius Weissenborn, edited by Doug Spaniol

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